Umbria musei
Scoprendo l'Umbria

Discovering Umbria

"Discovering Umbria" comes to life in the aftermath of the earthquake and tells a land that reacts to events with the strength of its cultural heritage. The goal is to enhance the many Umbrian museums and places of culture, which offer hundreds of proposals, itineraries and curiosities, like many mosaic tiles, that together give life to a strong identity.

A LIGHT focused on beauty

After the success in 2017 with the " Treasures from Valnerina" in Spoleto, "Discovering Umbria" continues in 2018 with the traveling exhibition "LUCE-LIGHT", which will touch the main cities of Umbria. Through large-format photos, the lights are focused on places such as historic buildings, museums, churches, all representative sites of the history and art of an extraordinary region.