Visits and workshops for primary and secondary schools of first and second grade



Visits and workshops for primary and secondary schools of first and second grade

The exhibition "Treasures from the Valnerina" dedicates special educational proposals to schools devoleped by Sistema Museo.

VISIT OF THE EXHIBITION/ duration 1 hour / cost per class € 60
Primary and secondary schools of first and second grade
An experienced guide will lead the children to the observation of the works, analyzing the details, the similarities, the differences and their origin.

VISIT OF THE EXHIBITION + WORKSHOP/ about 2 hours / cost per class € 80

• Primary School: Under the sign of symbols
A funny game to find out the iconography of saints by comparing sculptures and paintings. Direct observation will allow the children to acquire the first principles of iconography for the recognition of saints depicted in the exhibition. Each participant will be provided a kit containing a notebook to personalize with the shapes and attributes of the saints selected during the visit.

Secondary School of first and second grade: Three regions united in art
The observation of the works of art exhibited will allow to guide the kids to the analysis of some details to discover their origin. A selection of the works will make it possible to introduce the concept of cultural unity to highlight the deep affinity of a large geographical area today divided into regions.
At the end of the activity the kids will put into practice what they have learned, relocating on a huge map reproductions of the works observed.

Admission to the exhibition is free for schools.

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